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Our Accessibility Network enables customers, colleagues and communities to thrive from the perspective of accessibility and disability inclusion.

To enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive, it is important to reflect the diversity of our customer base. The Accessibility Network is run by colleagues, sponsored by leadership, and provides a forum for colleagues from all areas of the organisation to meet, learn from one another and to drive improvements at an organisational level.

Advocacy for accessibility and inclusion

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Gerry Ellis began working in Bank of Ireland over 30 years ago. Outside of his role with the Bank, he has successfully championed accessibility issues on a global basis with accessibility advocacy leaders, international organisations including the UN and international standards bodies.


“My son Donal is a young adult with autism and so I’m delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor the Accessibility Network. Our ambition is ‘to enable customers, colleagues and communities, impacted by accessibility challenges, to thrive’. The positive changes we make in terms of communications, digital, environmental and HR supports will enable our employees to maximise their potential and their contribution at work. I know first-hand that such positive interventions benefit the individual and their families."

Vincent Brennan

Head of Group Operations and Payments

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