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Gender Balance

Empowering both men and women to achieve business opportunities and results through balanced gender representation.

To enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive, it is important to reflect the diversity of our customer base. The Gender Balance Network is run by colleagues, sponsored by leadership, and provides a forum for colleagues from all areas of the organisation to meet, learn from one another and to drive improvements at an organisational level.

The Solution is Societal and Organisational

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The representation and acceleration of women in industries such as finance, technology and politics has ignited great debate and contradicting opinions. Some of the solutions put forward include quotas, amplifying the voices of role models and incentivising the study of particular subjects. Meeting Sharon, she agrees that all of these pillars are important but perhaps it is daily, implicit gestures and actions which we can all take that will truly make change and equality sustainable.



Meet our Network Sponsors

“A corporate culture which champions gender balance is essential for attracting and retaining top talent, for commercial success, and for enabling our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive”

Alan Hartley

Director, Investor Relations

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"The Gender Balance Network aims to support our aim of a gender balanced leadership team in Bank of Ireland.  The Network will highlight and inform on the commercial rationale for gender balance and diversity and will be a forum for dialogue and sharing of initiatives to create a pipeline of gender balanced talent in all areas of the business. Another positive outcome will be to create awareness of different gender perspectives and the value inherent in these."

Aine Cornally

Head of Business Supports & Assurance