Hear from our colleagues at Bank of Ireland

At Bank of Ireland, we believe that embracing the perspectives of all of our employees is a value that connects us with our customers and our communities, and makes it an even better place to work. We strive to be more inclusive at all levels, and our colleagues have achieved great things in their time with Bank of Ireland. Take a look.

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Gavin Kelly

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Fahrin Ribeiro

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Shahrukh Mirza

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Tracy Fleming

People, Person, Glasses, Accessories, Accessory, Face, Necklace, Jewelry, Outdoors

Claire Murakami

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Joann Hosey

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Laura Henry

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Marguerite Brosnan

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Michael Torpey

People, Person, Back, Face, Clothing, Apparel, Home Decor, Sleeve, Head, Portrait, Photography

Sharon Donnelly

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Vincent Brennan

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Aine Cornally

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Alan Hartley

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Julie Ennis

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Karena O'Sullivan

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Marie Cawley

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Gabrielle Ryan

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Aldo Ledesma

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Thomas O'Reilly

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Marlene Shanley

Supporting and reflecting our communities

In addition to supporting networks and communities of colleagues internally on our Inclusion & Diversity journey, Bank of Ireland is committed to a growing number of key partnerships to further support communities and like-minded organisations in our journey.

We are proud members of the Business Disability Forum, Working Families, OUTstanding, the 30% Club and signatories to the Women in Finance Charter. We are proud to sponsor Pride and are a key sponsor of TeachFirst, an education charity tackling educational disadvantage in England and Wales, and Young Enterprise Northern Ireland. We are also a key sponsor of the annual NDRC Female Founders Programme to promote inclusion and diversity throughout the technology industry.

We continue our partnership with AHEAD (Association for Higher Education Access & Disability) and welcome graduates from the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities to join our teams within the bank.

We are also delighted to sponsor Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange’s Ingenuity Programme, an accelerator programme targeted at mature business owners and entrepreneurs, in conjunction with DCU Ryan Academy.

We always welcome feedback on our inclusion and diversity journey. If you would like to get in touch, please contact inclusionanddiversity@boi.com.