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Our Intergenerational Network promotes greater understanding, appreciation, and engagement among colleagues of all generations.

To enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive, it is important to reflect the diversity of our customer base. The Intergenerational Network is run by colleagues, sponsored by leadership, and provides a forum for colleagues from all areas of the organisation to meet, learn from one another and to drive improvements at an organisational level.

Inclusion Must Be a Conscious Act

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Susanne Moran speaks to Sinead Burke about how she is working to ensure the inclusion of all generations in Bank of Ireland’s workforce in the digital era, as Chairperson of the Bank’s Intergenerational Network. Susanne describes herself as a digital immigrant and one who is conscious of what she could learn from colleagues of a different generation.



Meet our Network Sponsors

‘One of the most exciting things about working in a diverse organisation like ours is the opportunity to continue to grow and develop by learning from each other.  That is at the heart of what the Intergenerational Network seeks to encourage.’ 

Helen Nolan

Group Secretary

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“I am delighted to be a member of Bank of Ireland’s Inclusion & Diversity council as well as joint Sponsor for The Intergenerational Network. This network offers unique value by way of encouraging and fostering sharing of insights from colleagues across the Group regardless of longevity or experience. The diversity of thought that this yields can make a huge difference to our way of working each day as well as adding significant strategic value.”

Lynda Carragher

Director, Risk Operations, Group Risk