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Our Multicultural Network raises awareness and leverages the power of cultural and ethnic diversity among our workforce and communities.

To enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive, it is important to reflect the diversity of our customer base. The Multicultural Network is run by colleagues, sponsored by leadership, and provides a forum for colleagues from all areas of the organisation to meet, learn from one another and to drive improvements at an organisational level.

I’m Not Giving Up Anytime Soon

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Malay Bose began working in Bank of Ireland in 2006. Here he explains his reasons for choosing Ireland as his destination when relocating from India and showcases how he has championed diversity. Malay tells me “I first came to Ireland from India in 2003 but emigration was also part of my parents’ life. They emigrated from what is now known as Bangladesh. Growing up, they were once a strong upper-middle class family, but they lost everything when India was divided and became refugees in their own country.



Meet our Network Sponsors

"I’m delighted to help enable and support our employee networks and specifically the multicultural network. They bring together communities and foster an inclusive environment, inviting and celebrating diversity of thinking and diversity of background."

Neil Fuller

Chief Risk Officer, Bank of Ireland (UK)

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