Parents and Carers

Our Parents and Carers Network provides support, guidance, and resources on balancing parenting and caring responsibilities.

To enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive, it is important to reflect the diversity of our customer base. The Parents and Carers Network is run by colleagues, sponsored by leadership, and provides a forum for colleagues from all areas of the organisation to meet, learn from one another and to drive improvements at an organisational level.

Inclusion is Rooted in not Making Assumptions

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Matthew Obamwonyi is co-chair of Bank of Ireland’s Parents and Carers Network. Here Matthew talks about his family as well as inclusion and diversity challenges in Irish society. Matthew describes himself as “Someone who believes in the principle of ‘love thy neighbour, love thy self’ and also a proud black man”. Matthew is married with three children. His wife is from Ireland originally and together they have three children; Vicky is 14, Anthony is 8 and Jake is 6 years old. Matthew frequently tells me that once those four people are happy and healthy, he is fulfilled and wants for nothing more.




Meet our Network Sponsors

"Being a parent or a carer is an intrinsic part of so many colleagues’ lives, and balancing these responsibilities with work can be challenging at times.  The Parents & Carers Network provides a forum for colleagues to share their own experiences, learn from one another, and also to drive improvements across the organisation – all of which will help us perform at our best whether at home or at work."


Audrey Nolan

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

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