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Group Internal Audit

I’m Paulina Wysocka and I’m business passionate professional with international background and over 14 years of expertise in Retail Banking. I am a member of Retail Ireland Audit Team in GIA and am currently working as an Audit Manager in Retail Ireland Audit Team. 

I am Co-Chair of the Group Inclusion & Diversity Multicultural Network. I am also a partner, mother of two, sport and running lover.

I’ve had various roles in Retail Ireland over last 15 years from Customer Service in small branch to Business Relationship Manager. Alongside that, I hold a Masters in International Relations, QFA, Professional Certificate in Business Banking, and a Masters in Business Administrations (MBA)



I am extremely grateful for an opportunity to join the Retail Ireland Audit team, as it gives me chance to have a very holistic view on the business. 

I have always seen our business from the frontline/first line perspective, working with retail audit team is like looking at another side of the same coin and it is fascinating!

I am strong believer in lifelong learning, and Retail Ireland Audit gives me that every day. Each day brings an opportunity to learn, develop new skills and have interesting discussions with people across the Group who are passionate about what they do. 

Most importantly it is pleasure to work with a great people and leaders, who encourage and empower their teams to be better every day and to make Bank of Ireland better.

Published on Nov 17, 2021

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