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Group Internal Audit

I’m Thomas Harford, Audit Manager for the Retail, New Ireland, Wealth & Insurance teams.

While my role primarily involves leading out audit assignments and delivering assurance and insights to our stakeholders, a typical day for me involves so much more and can really vary from day to day.

Other regular tasks include issue management, supporting team members in terms of their own responsibilities or development, and contributing to the department’s strategic refresh.

I am also relied upon to provide regular support or act as a delegate for my Audit Directors as required. For example, by attending governance committees.


I started my working life at a Legal Costs Accountants but moved into Banking (with AIB) in 2005, fulfilling a number of operational lead roles. I have been in Audit for 10 years now, initially moving to AIB’s GIA function in 2011 and into BOI then in 2014.

I hold a degree in Legal Studies and a CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting. I also hold a Professional Certificate in Consumer Protection Risk, Culture and Ethical Behaviours from the Institute of Bankers.

The best thing about working in GIA for me is the variety, the opportunities, and the people. No two days are the same and working in the department provides a level of exposure to the business and the people throughout the organisation that wouldn’t usually come in most roles.

This is incredibly helpful both in terms of professional and personal development and has allowed me to build some really good relationships across the business and add real value through my assurance work and insights.

Finally, there is a fantastic group of people working in the department. There is a really positive, open and supportive culture in the department.

Published on Nov 17, 2021

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