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Aine Cornally

Head of Business Supports and Assurance


My career has been in Bank of Ireland and throughout this time I have come to appreciate the range of opportunities the organisation presents to find a role that provides job satisfaction and the ability to maximise potential.  

In my experience, the Bank values people that truly wish to make a positive difference to their business, and rewards this by responding to needs and aspirations in many ways.  Not every day will be an easy one and many of the most rewarding experiences are the result of challenging times.   This is the backdrop of my time in Bank of Ireland and it is only through the Inclusion & Diversity agenda that I have had to look through a different lens and see that there is more to be done to harness talent and ability, though a better mix of capability, thinking and variety to support better idea generation, decision making and thought leadership – which is imperative for us to respond to a much more diverse market both at home and abroad.  I look forward to being part of this effort and the challenges and benefits it will bring.



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