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Aldo Ledesma

Senior Manager, Governance & Regulatory Change UK


Having experienced different organisations and countries throughout my professional career, I find Bank of Ireland’s culture very welcoming to new joiners who come with fresh ideas and a positive attitude.

Diversity doesn’t only relate to race, gender or religion to name a few factors but also to professional and personal experiences. Moving from asset management and structured finance to management consulting and banking, I have had to challenge my ways of working and adapt to new environments over time. To me inclusiveness means being open challenging and debating with others from different backgrounds to come up with innovative perspectives and points of views. Over my career, being receptive to others’ ideas has helped me to pick up new skills and ways to solve problems which I try to share with my team at the Bank.

I am glad the Bank supports diversity and inclusiveness, as I believe it enables us to come up with innovative solutions for problems we face.


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