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Gabrielle Ryan

Head of Group Legal Services


I joined the Group from private practice as a junior commercial lawyer and, through a range of interesting assignments over the years, worked up through the system to my current role as Group Legal Adviser, and in other senior Group fora.  These assignments were key in affording me opportunities to earn a place as a core member of a range of multi-disciplinary teams who could contribute value to the Group- and not simply as “the lawyer”! 

I have found the Group to be consistently open to such participation. The associated experiences of particular value to me, personally as well as professionally, have been the opportunities to connect with and establish great networks with a wide range of colleagues across the Group. I have learnt and grown through each of these stretch assignments.  

An important part of what I do is what I would describe as “constructive challenge” in engaging with business colleagues throughout the organisation- the skills to listen, probe, analyse, challenge, deliver; with commerciality and judgment, is key to what I do and has been an important part of my development with the Group. I have found the Group to be a continuing source of challenge, growth and interest; with a lot of collegiality and respect for individual contributions.  My experience has been that if you work hard and you’re hungry for new challenges, there are no limits on what you can achieve. A reasonable level of resilience also helps! And I wouldn’t underestimate the importance of the networks that you build along the way, where both sides can have open and trusted conversations.



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