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Laura Henry

Head of Bank of Ireland, Fingal, Dublin


I joined Bank of Ireland when things were very different and a digital agenda appeared to be light years away. Having gained valuable experience in the branch network and Bank of Ireland Life, I moved to a role outside of the organisation to explore new pastures. 

Whilst the experience I gained having worked in other Retail banks afforded great depth and growth personally, I somehow knew that I would return to Bank of Ireland, the place where it had all started for me, and indeed where I had learned the most.

I gained significant experience working externally but in my opinion Bank of Ireland offers really strong career opportunities, and we are much more internally connected than other organisations. It is my belief that our culture is really engaging and the vision to be the number one bank in Ireland is clear.

As a female working in a very new, flexible and digital era, I believe we have so much opportunity available.  My advice is simple; get up every day and be comfortable with the person that greets you in the mirror. Always strive to learn more and to improve your own personal brand.



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