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Marguerite Brosnan

Business Director, Core Banking Systems Programme


As Business Director in the Core Banking Systems programme, success happens through collaboration with different skill sets and perspectives, through being open to challenge and different ways of working through challenges. I get lots of opportunity to engage with a wide network of colleagues, customers, and business partners, it is a super opportunity to work with such a diverse set of people and backgrounds.

On a personal front I am a Mammy of two daughters and as a result am involved in a number of activities with my girls, mainly sport and music.  My daughters are involved in a wide variety of extra circular activities… orchestra, jazz band, lifesaving to name but a few.  Most of these activities are run by volunteers, who give their time freely.  I hope they will learn not only skills of being involved in these activities but that they will see that it is important as you get older to share your skills with others and give something back to the community. I am very lucky that my job gives me the ability to balance my demand at home with those at work - this is one of the reasons that I am proud and delighted to work in Bank of Ireland.



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