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Michael Torpey

CEO of Corporate & Treasury


As CEO for our global Corporate & Treasury division, my role interacts with a wide network of colleagues and external stakeholders across Ireland, the UK, the EU and the US. Throughout my career I have worked with and learned from people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures. Inclusion and Diversity for me is about valuing those differences in people. 

Bank of Ireland, like any organisation, will benefit from having a broad diversity in our workforce that reflects our society and our customers. Inclusion means offering to all of that diverse group of colleagues the opportunity to play their fullest part in our organisation. This involves having appropriate awareness, attitudes and behaviours backed up by formal policies that encourage and enable an inclusive workforce. 

We all gain from such an inclusive workplace. We as individuals enjoy the richness brought by having the widest range of cultures and experiences among our colleagues as well as the opportunities in our careers to progress - regardless of our individual differences. Inclusion and diversity results in a Better Place to Work.

Our customers gain as our diversity enables us to better engage with, understand and serve their needs and needless to say, our organisation will be stronger and better as a result of both of these effects.


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