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Thomas O'Reilly

Collateral Manager, Finance UK


I joined the Bank of Ireland UK Treasury team in June 2016 as the UK Collateral Manager. Through my role I have the opportunity to work with a number of different teams within BOI UK and also with external parties such as the Bank of England and Rating Agencies. The London office is a great place to work where my many colleagues provide an opportunity to learn from people with different backgrounds and viewpoints. 


Diversity is incredibly important to me as I believe it develops a strong culture which leverages different strengths  and opinions to the benefit of all involved. Throughout my time in BOI UK I have been continually reminded of the support that my colleagues and the bank provides to their people and to charitable causes alike. The range of initiatives and activities that are available to get involved in ensures that people with different interests, likes and abilities can contribute in different ways. Personally I enjoy running with my colleagues each week and also getting involved in running activities outside of the workplace. BOI UK has a strong inclusive culture which I am proud to be a part of. 


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