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Vincent Brennan

Head of Group Operations and Payments


As Head of Group Operations and Payments, my role provides an opportunity to engage with a wide network of internal and external colleagues, customers, business partners and industry bodies in Ireland, in GB, across the EU and in the US. I enjoy meeting people from diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures. I get the opportunity to exchange views on factors shaping our industry, to absorb the variety of perspectives that each has on these topics and to understand the factors that shape at times similar but more often varied approaches in different markets and communities. 

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, has also reshaped my perceptions of different cultures, for example visiting India and observing the very high levels of 3rd level qualification amongst our outsource partner workforces of which I was previously unaware. 

On a personal front I am involved in a number of Special Olympics clubs where I get to see how volunteers help athletes, like my son Donal, expand their range of sports and social abilities and live a fuller life in the community. This has motivated me, as a business leader in Bank of Ireland, to be a big supporter of our business in the community, including activities such as school reading and workplace experience for individuals with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

I am always enthused and amazed by the unwavering generosity of my colleagues for good causes and it is one of the things that makes me very proud to work in Bank of Ireland. 



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