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Compliance & Regulatory Risk - Graduate Programme 2019


Compliance & Regulatory Risk - Graduate Programme 2019

Dublin | Ireland

Our Compliance & Regulatory Risk division consists of a number of specialist business units which oversee and helpBank of Irelandmanage regulatory and operational risk. As the regulatory environment continues to change, this division is key in supporting the business to achieveour strategic objectives. The division leads Bank of Ireland`s dealing with the Financial Regulators, provides independent assurance and conducts risk analysis of the overall risk profile ofBank of Ireland Group.

The Opportunity.

This Programme will provide you with the opportunity to understand and contribute to the management of risk across the entire enterprise whilst, at the same time, gaining a unique insight into how all areas ofBank of Ireland operate.

What you can expect in return

This two year programme consists of a minimum of three placements within a number of specialist risk areas. Working in this division will provide you with an opportunity to develop technical and soft skills along with an insight into all other areas of the Group, which will set you up for success in your future banking career.

As part of the programme, you can expect to gain solid risk and compliance analysis and management skills, business engagement competencies and develop strong quantitative and qualitative critical reasoning techniques. There is also opportunity to work towards a formal risk and/or compliance qualification with educational sponsorship throughout your studies, including fees and study leave.

Core behaviours

  • Adapt
  • Partner
  • Grow
  • Customer
  • Innovate
  • Deliver Responsibly

Where Agency assistance is required Bank of Ireland Recruitment Team will engage directly with suppliers. Unsolicited CVs / profiles will not be accepted for this role.

Bank of Ireland Group is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace which values and benefits from the diversity of our workforce.

Closing date: Oct 31, 2018
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