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Food & Drink Industry Specialist


Food & Drink Industry Specialist

Dublin | Ireland

The Sectors Team within Business Banking is a team of specialists recruited directly from industry with a mandate to support our relationship managers and business advisors on winning new business, borrowing requirements for customers and building the Bank`s profile across key sectors. Aligned with our goals to grow our SME market, Bank of Ireland have created an exciting new role for a Food and Drink (F&D) Specialist within our sectors team to enable us to support our stakeholders in the F&D sector with a greater level of expertise and insight with a key focus on the SME community.

Description of Business Unit:

Business Banking looks after the needs of business customers throughout ROI through a mix of distribution channels, including a team of relationship managers, business advisors and direct channels. Our focus is on identifying and meeting our customers` needs and adding value to their relationship with Bank of Ireland. Based on their individual industry expertise the Sectors Team within Business Banking is a key enabler of customer relationship development as each Head of Sector supports businesses across the country as they look to grow and invest in their businesses.

Purpose of the Role:

  • Reporting to the Head of Agriculture and Food, develop BusinessBanking`s strategy to grow our lending to this important sector.
  • Support relationship managers in building relationships with businesses in the food and Drink Industry. This includes developing relationships with non-customers, meeting existing customers with the relationship manager and supporting loan applications with industry expertise and knowledge of the sector.
  • Understand the market, relevant KPIs andthe outlook for the sector and use this understanding to upskill colleagues, and to inform credit appetite and lending policy to the Food sector.
  • Build the Bank`s profile in the sector externallywith operators in the sector,industry bodies, stakeholders, intermediaries and influencers.
  • Contribute to the Sectors Teams written content including Sectors Newsletter`s, Reviews and Outlooks and adhoc research reports.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of the Food and Drink sector, KPIs, industry trends and outlook.
  • Using specialist knowledge of the sector, develop and implement a strategy to sustainably grow Business Banking`s market share in this sector.
  • Using industry expertise, build value added relationships with customers in conjunction with relationship managers.
  • Build the Bank`s profile in the sector externally,through demonstrating industry expertise, and develop strong relationships with industry bodies, stakeholders and influencers.
  • Support the management of the Bank`s existing lending exposure to the sector.
  • Build capability and sectoral knowledge of internal stakeholders.
  • Provide written Sector Reports for external publication

Essential Skills & Requirements:

  • Significant experience and deep knowledge of the Food and Drink Industry. Experience may include operational, manufacturing, marketing, business development and analyst roles within the industry.
  • Full understanding of the sectoral trends, KPIs and outlook for the sector.
  • Strong business acumen and ability to understand and interpret standard Industry financial and management reporting information.
  • Excellent networking skills and ability to interact well with customers on an individual level.
  • Strong presentation skills and ability to represent Bank of Ireland professionally at seminars and events.
  • Demonstrated ability to translate, in written report format, company information into succinct insights on the performance of a business.
  • Credibility with key industry stakeholders.
  • Business development focused.
  • Collaborative and demonstrated ability to work as part of a team and across multi-disciplinary teams.


  • 3rd level qualification in Food Science, Food Business, Food Manufacturing or related. Relevant Industry experience is essential.

Closing date: Sep 28, 2018
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