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Mortgage Specialist


Mortgage Specialist

Dublin | Ireland

Mortgage Specialist

In Distribution Channels, our purpose is to enable our Customers, Colleagues and Communities to thrive. We do this by drawing on our professionalism, determination, innovation and the passion we have for making a difference in customers` lives. Our work is important and so too are the people doing it.

The people who work in Bank of Ireland Distribution focus their diverse talents on supporting our customers financial needs at the right time, where and when they need it and to the highest standards.

Purpose of the Role:

This role is key to contributing to the team`s success by meeting with customers to explore their current and future financial needs - with particular focus on the following products across - personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts, savings and investments, mortgages FTB.

The focus of this role is on providing exceptional customer experience, completing high quality financial needs review meetings, and fulfilling those products and services through the prescribed channel (Direct, in branch, etc.). Also, this role plays a key role in supporting the business development activities in the team (e.g. supporting event management, securing customer meetings, proactive customer calls, etc.).

What is the Opportunity:

You will work with market leading technology and a dynamic and supportive team to enable you to source the best available talent. Working closely with our colleagues in HR and throughout the business, your day-to-day and project work will directly contribute to Bank of Ireland being an employer of choice.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Provide quality service to customers in each interaction and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements in all customer interactions.
  • Ensure familiarity with bank`s sales process and actively migrate transactions to appropriate self-service, on line and B365 delivery channels.
  • Play a key role in ensuring that Bank of Ireland is the leading provider in the local market and actively pursue cross sales of Bank and Group products to meet weekly activity.
  • Proactive recognition and referral of new business and sales via Sales Excellence.
  • Provide team support on an on-going basis and participate in all team sessions where required.
  • Keep up to date on credit policy and manage regulatory, operational and administrative procedures and Maintain high standards in lending while achieving credit growth.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Leaving certificate 5 pass including Maths and English.
  • Minimum Competency Code (MCC) applies to this role.
  • QFA or APA Loans, Regulations, Savings & Investments.

Essential Skills & Experience:

  • Strong customer focus and a proven commitment to the customer excellence standards at all times
  • Proven track record in Regulatory and Operational requirements
  • Proven track record in identification of Sales Leads and Referrals
  • Self-motivated with demonstrated drive and enthusiasm

Bank of Ireland Group is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace which values and benefits from the diversity of our workforce.

Where Agency assistance is required Bank of Ireland Recruitment Team will engage directly with suppliers. Unsolicited CVs / profiles will not be accepted for this role.

Closing date: Oct 25, 2018
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