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Solution Architect


Solution Architect

Dublin | Ireland

Description of business unit

Bank of Ireland ChangeZone is a multi-vendor change delivery team running large and complex programmes across both legacy and new IT estates. Projects often involve significant complexities including g regulatory requirements, complex legacy infrastructure, multiple business units, IT security considerations and critical service introduction activity. The Bank has a set of standards that should be applied to both waterfall and agile delivery approaches, and all projects should use these standards to ensure successful delivery.

Purpose of the Role

The Solution Archtect is accountable for ensuring the quality of and consistency in the design of solutions for the relevant business area, working closely with Strategy, Architecture and Innovation to take fit with existing or planned architecture into account.

Key Responsibilities

Change Portfolio Support

Assist Delivery Support in the creation of the Do-Ability Assessment / Business Case by:

  • providing solution design and architecture expertise in the early design of the potential business or technology solutions
  • providing resourcing and costing estimates of the design and development work required to deliver business or technology solutions (new and enhancements)

Quality and Consistency of Design

  • Oversee and sign-off the detailed design of agreed business or technology changes within the relevant business area to ensure quality and consistency
  • Work closely with the Solution Design and Architecture CoC and Strategy, Architecture and Innovation function to ensure solution design fits with existing or planned architecture is taken into account and solutions are designed in alignment with appropriate best practice, standards and methodologies
  • Work with the CoCs to provide design guidelines, impart knowledge on technical trends and solutions and provide support and guidance to resources during the analysis, development and testing processes


  • Lead by example and demonstrate strong leadership standards and practices and full support for the GTaC leadership team
  • Influence stakeholders, colleagues and peers internally and external to GTaC

Risk & Compliance

  • Maintain & monitor standards, controls, processes and solutions, to minimise business and IT risk
  • Ensure full compliance with all Group, Legal and Regulatory requirements and standards

What is the opportunity

The Solution Architect will be accountable for the Architecture and all business and technology design for a business area, operating under broad direction from the Strategy, Architecture and Innovation function from an architecture decision and policy perspective and will contribute to the design of future architecture and implementation roadmaps for the business area.


  • Detailed knowledge of concepts, philosophies and tools behind the design of systems and underlying information technologies
  • Indepth understanding and thorough working knowledge of solution design and architecture industry standards
  • Good technical expertise in the relevant applications / technologies that support the business area


  • Technical Solution Design
  • Solution Design
  • Business Acumen
  • IT Process and Organisation
  • Financial Management
  • Technical Skills

Essential Qualifications

  • Relevant third level qualification / certification

Key Competencies

  • Competency 1: Setting and Meeting Priorities - 3. Advanced / Leadership
  • Competency 2: Delivering Quality - 3. Advanced / Leadership
  • Competency 3: Communicating - 3. Advanced / Leadership
  • Competency 4: Influencing - 3. Advanced / Leadership
  • Competency 5: Managing Change - 3. Advanced / Leadership
Closing date: Jul 31, 2019
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