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Marie Cawley

HR Director, Group Manufacturing


I joined Bank of Ireland in 1998 and moved into Human Resources in 2002. After studying part-time for five years I qualified with an Honours Business Degree from Griffith College and a Degree in Human Resource Management from the National College of Ireland.

From a personal perspective, I am the youngest in a family of four. My mother was sick a lot when I was young so my three older brothers had a huge influence on my upbringing. I joined them in everything; there was nothing that they did that I couldn’t do. I saw no difference, no obstacles. There was a high degree of male influence in my upbringing and that is maybe why I don’t see closed doors today. If I did I would just open them. 

I firmly believe that if you have the right attitude and aptitude you make your own luck. Before my first maternity leave I was nervous and had so many questions: What would this mean for the role that I had worked so hard to get? When I returned I found that no one had paused or ended my career. I quickly got stuck in, put my hand up for everything and carved out excellent development opportunities for myself. Opportunities are always there but it’s your responsibility to see them and take them.



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