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James Pitt

Supplier Relationship Manager

What does a day in Bank of Ireland look like?

Supplier Relationship Management is still a relatively new and developing initiative in the organisation, so there are not too many “average” days at the moment. Typically it involves lots of planning, meetings, monitoring outcomes, performance and negotiating with colleagues and suppliers to find the best way for us all to achieve objectives.

What's the best thing about your job?

It’s varied and very challenging. I get to work with a seriously wide range of people inside and outside of the business. Work can be complex and demanding, but finding common ground and ways to genuinely improve outcomes and relationships has to be the best thing.

People, Person, Clothing, Overcoat, Suit, Tie, Accessories, Coat, Necktie, Executive, Face

What challenges you in your job? 

There are no real negative aspects except sometimes the additional challenges that can be thrown up if we are not all thinking as sharply as we need to. Processes can sometimes seem quite complex, but there's always room to constructively challenge these too!

What gets you up in the morning?

My labrador retriever!

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