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Julia Quatresols

Head of the UK Commercial Model Management Function

What does an average day in work look like?

It's hard to imagine an average day as two are seldom the same. 

One of my main responsibilities is to ensure that the commercial credit risk rating models work effectively in the business. This is key to optimising credit and pricing decisions and to ensuring accurate risk reporting for the business.

I get involved in every stage of the model lifecycle and the systems in which the models operate. Understandably, influencing and aligning the many stakeholders can definitely be challenging, but it ensures my day is anything but boring.

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What's the best thing about your job?

Variety, no two days are ever the same.

What challenges you in your job?

The biggest challenges are the immoveable deadlines that compete for my time, as well as making sure I don't miss out on securing any of the key stakeholders buy in to whatever project I am working on.

What gets you up in the morning?

A desire to see continuous improvement, one step at a time.

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