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Karena O'Sullivan

Director of Finance Strategy & Transformation


What does a day in Bank of Ireland look like?

It may sound cliché but each day is genuinely different to the next.  I work in an ever changing environment so on a daily basis I’m presented with a wide range of challenges and opportunities to influence finance transformation. They can range from streamlining highly technical financial processes or implementing new accounting standards to developing finance wide strategic objectives. Also, the nature of my role offers a unique insight into the mechanics of the Finance function so each day I’m literally learning something completely new, even after 11 years on the job! I use this information and combine it with the insight from key businesses influencers and additional research to develop new initiatives that positively shape and support our division.


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What's the best thing about your job?

Firstly, being encouraged to think outside the confines of an excel spreadsheet and knowing I’m in a free thinking environment. Secondly, I have the opportunity to work and ‘idea share’ with some of the best minds in Finance. Lastly and most importantly, I have a wonderfully supportive team who are full of energy, enthusiasm and great ideas!!

What challenges you in your job? 

There are never enough hours in the day…

What gets you up in the morning?

My kids! I have two small girls and they are very early risers!

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