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Mary-Beth O'Sullivan

Digital Customer Advisor

What does a day in Bank of Ireland look like?

Throughout an average day I’m on the floor welcoming customers and being available for any assistance customers may need. I also work through email and arrange customer call-backs for Digital Banking queries. I work to get both personal and business customers online and help them on their digital journey by giving one-to-one sessions if needed. This makes customers feel more comfortable with Banking 365 and generally they are amazed at how EASY it is to use. I find that to be a hugely satisfying part of my job!

What's the best thing about your job?

Best part of my job is working with such a great team of people. From management to general staff, everyone was so friendly, welcoming and supportive when I first joined and made it such an easy environment for me to work in. Working with people like this makes my job very much more enjoyable.

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What challenges you in your job? 

Like every job there are both good and bad parts, but thankfully there are more positives than negatives. A challenge for me was being able to assist customers that do not speak English. This was traditionally a barrier for getting customers to use online banking. Thankfully we have been able to get Multi-Lingual 365 Guides for activating customers online and this has helped hugely for both staff and customers.

What gets you up in the morning?

I’m not a morning person, but I genuinely get up because I like my job. I love working with the people I work with and Bank of Ireland genuinely takes care of their employees. I also like meeting numerous amounts of different people every day and knowing that I won’t be bored in my job. It keeps me busy and challenges me which I love! Overall, this position is great for a people person i.e. someone who isn’t afraid to talk to people on any topic whether it be banking or the weather!

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