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Bank of Ireland Competencies

The Bank of Ireland Group Competency model provides clarity on what is required to deliver success and to achieve Bank of Ireland's Purpose – to enable our customers, our colleagues and communities to thrive. There are seven competencies which are a core part of how we operate as a Bank. These competencies provide consistency for everyone on performance expectations, whether you're a Leader, People Manager or an Individual Contributor.


How are the Competencies used?

The Group Competency Model is the foundation of the Recruitment and Selection processes in Bank of Ireland. When you apply for a vacant role in Bank of Ireland you may interact with the competencies in a number of ways:

  • You will see the competencies for advertised role listed on each job ad
  • Any online assessments you may partake in have been designed to support our group competency model
  • The competency questions you are asked at interview are designed to assess a candidates suitability for a position with Bank of Ireland based on the behaviours underpinning our Group Competencies.

Read more about our competencies

Each of our seven competencies is underpinned by relevant behaviours that 'bring the competency to life'. There are clearly-defined behaviours that outline expectations for Leaders, People Managers and Individual Contributors. Click the icons to get an understanding of the relevant behaviours under each competency.


Customer Focused

We understand our customers well. We listen to them to ensure they feel valued. We use our insights to consider how best to serve their needs. We take appropriate actions to deliver solutions to meet customers’ changing requirements.


One Group One Team

We know we work smarter when we come together behind our common purpose. We learn from each other and share ideas to expand our thinking. We build an open, trusting and collaborative environment and foster diversity of thought, ideas and experiences to spark creativity.



We embrace change with an open mind and a can-do attitude. We respond quickly and productively seek different perspectives. We challenge ourselves to look for new and simplified ways to efficiently deliver the best solutions for our customers.



We are empowered to take ownership and trusted to do the right thing to support our customers, colleagues and communities. We lead by example and challenge ourselves and each other to do our best work at all times. We learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes together.


Champion Transformation

Creates energy and optimism for the future of the Bank and shows personal commitment to the vision. Paints a compelling picture of the vision and strategy that motivates others to action. Personally embraces and champions transformational change by talking about future possibilities and tirelessly looks for ways to transform the Bank, achieve efficiencies and better outcomes for customers.


Amplify Capability

Dedicated to personal, organisational and individual development of skills, knowledge and abilities, regardless of career level. Develops self and others to meet both career goals and the organisation’s goals. Builds capability both for now and for the future.



Manage Risk

Committed to being risk aware. Identifies analyses and manages risk to protect the Bank and its people, while supporting opportunities that drive successful strategic outcomes. Makes timely and well-informed decisions within defined governance structures.