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APA / QFA: Unlock your potential

If you are a financial advisor or would like to become one in the future, chances are the QFA exams are on your radar. Industry recognised, QFA is widely considered as the benchmark professional designation for those working within financial services and banking in Ireland.


Why QFA?

With a QFA course under your belt and as a now-Qualified Financial Advisor, you meet the Central Bank of Ireland’s Minimum Competency Code for those wishing to "sell, advise on, or undertake specific functions for the following five categories of retail financial products:

  • Life Assurance
  • Pensions
  • Savings and Investments
  • Housing Loans, Home Reversion Agreements and Associated Insurances
  • Consumer Credit Agreements and Associated Insurances (Source:

As well as enabling you to provide comprehensive advice to customers on all of the above, the QFA qualification and the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirement of 15 hours per year that goes hand-in-hand, ensures that you have a firm grasp on the makeup of the financial products available in the Irish market at any given time.


Opening Doors

Far from being the end goal, for many, the QFA is both a milestone and a stepping stone in their career journey. As a Qualified Financial Advisor, many more doors will open for you. Not only is your proven skillset of great value to employers, you are now eligible to pursue further proficiencies and qualifications, like the highly-regarded Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, for example.

A world of opportunity awaits.


How Bank of Ireland can help

At Bank of Ireland Direct, we are committed to enabling each and every colleague to thrive. We design our training with you in mind and are focused on ensuring your experience at Bank of Ireland is an exceptional one throughout your career. 

We are committed to the professionalization of our people and will support you in obtaining your QFA. Through an Individual Development Plan, we will ensure you understand your own capabilities and encourage you to proactively develop your skills.

The Bank of Ireland Career & Reward Framework provides a clear picture of the roles and levels within the Group, and gives clarity on how you can move between roles to develop your experience and capability. It allows you to take ownership of your career development and to optimise your career opportunities.

Choose from one of advertised positions on this page and unlock your potential.

Meet Malay Bose, Business Advisor and QFA

What's the best thing about your job?


Definitely getting to spend my day with our customers. I take great pride in my work as often times the advice that we can offer to our customers is the first step in helping them to achieve their dreams.

Already qualified? Explore QFA jobs at Bank of Ireland here

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