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Finance Transformation - Kieran Fitzpatrick

Building an organisation that is fit for the future is a key challenge for all companies.

Ensuring the right mix of capability and technology to prepare for future market challenges and customer expectations is no easy feat, but one that our Finance Transformation team is tackling every day. Through a programme of simplification and automation, the team are building a finance function truly ready for the future which can focus on driving our strategy.


We recently spoke with Kieran Fitzpatrick about his time working with Bank of Ireland, and what is important in his career.



Kieran has seen his fair share of change and transformation; now on his second stint in the Bank after a five year gap, in a new role as Head of External & IFRS 9 Reporting. An ACA Chartered Accountant, Kieran spent his early career working with two of the big 4 in Dublin and the UK before joining Bank of Ireland in 2012.


“The people who work here are some of the best”

Talking about his decision to return to Bank of Ireland, Kieran emphasised the importance of working with great colleagues.

“Having left the Bank in 2017, I do have recent experience of what I missed about Bank of Ireland. The people who work here are some of the best that I’ve ever worked with. Bank of Ireland’s successes are always led by the people that underpin the tasks and projects. Work though has always been intertwined with family, sports and general chit-chat. It is commonplace within the Bank to see all the difficult tasks carried out and completed in a really enjoyable working environment.”


One Group, One Team

In the time between Kieran’s first role and his return, there was an obvious change in the Bank’s culture. Launching a new set of colleague values, and clearly articulating the ambition and direction of the Bank has created a culture with a new purpose; to enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive.

Kieran highlights the One Group, one team value as the one that has struck him the most. Throughout what were difficult years during Covid, really living this value has helped colleagues maintain a positive outlook and pull together. Kieran has seen the lasting impact of this in his role and across the Bank.

“To re-join a wider team that wants success for all parts of the Group is a wonderful environment to be part of. It helps motivate me and my teams to not only do our best in our deliverables but also to try and help others to succeed.”

Ways of working

Another huge change in culture Kieran has experienced has been driven by the changes in Bank of Ireland’s ways of working. A new Hybrid working model has been created with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of needs. This includes work from home, agile hub and office based options. This flexibility has been a game changer for Kieran, who has found it easier to balance his young family and his new role.

“Having a young family, my current work life balance and flexible working arrangements allow me to achieve success in work at times that suit me – but also enables me to attend certain training sessions and swimming for the kids. Finding the balance between working and family time creates an environment that helps me do both better. It is great Bank of Ireland is leading the way in this regard.”


Values in action!

At Bank of Ireland, supporting wellbeing is central to enabling our purpose. It’s a practical way to put our values into action, and above all, is the right thing to do. For Kieran, this is a huge selling point for working with Bank of Ireland.

“Employee wellbeing is a big part of how Bank of Ireland is leading the way as a place to work. We have regular invitations to events and presentation on how we can work smarter, prioritise the things outside of the Bank and improve relationships within it. There are coffee mornings and various planned networking at all levels is facilitated monthly.”

It’s not all coffee and productivity supports either. Kieran believes Bank of Ireland has led the way on some important topics over the last few years. 

“Workplace diversity, Pride and Employee Wellbeing being a few. I expect high standards from my place of work in finance, banking, accounting etc. but not necessarily for leading the way on some controversial and difficult global issues. I’m proud to say the Bank doesn’t shy away from these.

When I think about the Bank as a place of work, I am delighted the Bank recognises the person that works there. Each person has a different background with regards to nationality, ethnicity, culture, gender, family, religion, orientation etc. I’m delighted to say I work for a company that recognises the differences in people in a really positive way.”


Join our team!

Kieran has seen first-hand the support offered to colleagues in progressing their careers. Colleagues are given the tools and support to really own their career journey, and with the scale of the organisation, the career path opportunities are limitless.

“Having worked in the Bank for 6 years in total this is my 4th role. All moves were ones that I chose to progress my career.”

If you, like Kieran, are looking for a chance to change and take the next step in your career in Finance, Bank of Ireland could be the destination for you. We have opportunities at all levels, so apply today and begin your transformation.


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