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Top tips for application success - BOI Graduate Programme

Graduate Programme

So, what can you expect from the hiring process? We’re dedicated to keeping the process as easy as possible. The graphic below outlines the main process, and do remember you can always contact your Graduate Recruitment Manager at any stage to ask a question.


Starting out at the beginning of any hiring process can be a daunting experience. With multiple steps along the way it's easy to see why many candidates can find it a stressful prospect. These top tips will help you prepare to do your very best each step of the way.


Online application

Take your time; make sure to complete all sections of the application accurately.
As simple as it seems, make sure your CV is up to date and includes all relevant experience and reference details. Don’t let a lack of attention to detail hurt your application and make sure to have someone proof read your application, and spell check everything before submitting.
Once you have submitted your application, keep an eye on your email and voicemail following the closing date as you will receive communication from our Graduate Recruitment team.


Aptitude Assessments

Firstly, make sure you have a good internet connection, and move to an area where you can concentrate and will not be disturbed.
Always use the opportunity to do the practice assessments. This is a great way to take the fear out of the unknown and to get in the frame of mind for the final assessment.
Read all of the instructions beforehand and make sure you have everything you need to complete the assessment – for example, have a calculator to hand for the numeric assessments.


Video Interview

Although this is not a face to face interview, do treat it as one – remember that this is likely to be your first interaction with your potential new manager!
As obvious as this point is, make sure you pick a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed and, where possible, avoid distracting backgrounds.
Remember to give practical examples that demonstrate your skills in the competencies being covered. Be yourself and let us see your personality. Look up the STAR approach as a model to help you structure your answers.


Assessment Centre

At this stage, take a deep breath! Remember you have done brilliantly to get this far in the process so take confidence from that fact.
Be yourself and interact with those around you as you normally would. We want to get to know you so try and relax and enjoy the day.
Don’t be shy! We want to hear your ideas and see practical examples of skills, so remember to speak up when you have valid points to make.

And finally, don’t let the closing date pass you by. Check the dates listed on each programme page and make sure you get your application in on time.


Best of luck with your application!

Apply now

If you need more information on the Bank of Ireland Graduate Programme, Click here to go to the Programmes page outlining the details for each area. Otherwise, you can select your programme of choice and apply below.


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