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Group Internal Audit

Group Internal Audit (GIA), together with Credit Review and Speak Up & Special Investigations forms the 3rd line of defence for the Bank of Ireland Group. Our purpose is to ‘Help Make Bank of Ireland Better’. To fulfil this purpose, GIA carries out risk based assignments, covering Group businesses and functions across multiple jurisdictions to enable us provide independent insight and opinion on the effectiveness of the internal control environment and risk management approach within the Group. 

GIA also provides additional insight through its attendance at key governance fora and committees across the Group. GIA have a broad stakeholder group including the Board (‘Court’), the Group Audit Committee (GAC), the Court Risk Committee (CRC), key subsidiaries’ audit and risk committees and senior management, as well as other key parties, including the Group’s regulators and external auditors. GIA’s findings are communicated to senior management and other key stakeholders, with remediation plans monitored for progress against agreed completion dates.

GIA are a dynamic team who are leading the way in agile auditing. We are committed to developing our people and providing well-defined career paths and career development programmes, including supporting our people in their further education and training programmes.

Published on Nov 17, 2021

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