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We are empowered to take ownership and trusted to do the right thing to support our customers, colleagues and communities. We lead by example and challenge ourselves and each other to do our best work at all times. We learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes together.


  • Takes responsibility for own actions and deliverables
  • Holds self accountable to follow through on commitments
  • Sets high standards for own performance, proactively manages own performance achievement process and Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Shows determination to deliver in the face of obstacles and setbacks
  • Seeks input to ensure clarity of expectations placed on oneself

People Manager

  • Accepts responsibility for successes and failures of own work and the team’s work
  • Fosters a sense of accountability and urgency in the team for reaching goals and meeting deadlines
  • Prioritises Performance Achievement to ensure delivery of goals and support the ongoing development of the team
  • Leads others to persist despite setbacks or obstacles
  • Sets clear expectations and plan appropriately, ensuring resources are in place to achieve results


  • Creates an environment of accountability for meeting agreed upon expectations
  • Empowers teams and holds leaders accountable for the performance of their teams
  • Advocates Performance Achievement to drive high performance across the organisation
  • Displays focus and resilience in the face of crisis, enabling the organisation to remain focused and productive
  • Gets results that have a clear, positive and direct impact on business performance