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Champion Transformation

Creates energy and optimism for the future of the Bank and shows personal commitment to the vision. Paints a compelling picture of the vision and strategy that motivates others to action. Personally embraces and champions transformational change by talking about future possibilities and tirelessly looks for ways to transform the Bank, achieve efficiencies and better outcomes for customers.


  • Understands and demonstrates how own work fits into the achievement of our Ambition, Purpose and Values
  • Seeks ways to improve processes
  • Embraces change, adapting quickly and dynamically to new ways of working
  • Remains resilient and continues to deliver during times of change and ambiguity
  • Looks for opportunities to achieve efficiencies that will create sustainable value for the organisation and the customer

People Manager

  • Researches broadly to improve own knowledge and helps others envision a greater sense of what’s possible for the organisation’s future
  • Optimises work processes to achieve efficiencies in the delivery of the strategic priorities
  • Champions and engages team on the delivery of the transformation agenda
  • Builds energy and advocacy optimism in others for the organisation’s ambition and purpose
  • Leads the team to pursue possibilities that will create sustainable value for the organisation and the customer


  • Communicates internally and externally a compelling picture of the future that clearly ties today’s initiatives to our Ambition, Purpose and Values
  • Develops and integrates organisational strategies to achieve efficiencies and sustainable growth
  • Researches broadly to become informed of changing and/or emerging commercial landscape and leads the transformation agenda with substance, courage and resilience
  • Sustains organisation-wide energy and optimism towards the future
  • Challenges the organisation to implement breakthrough ideas and solutions to better serve the customer