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One Group One Team

We know we work smarter when we come together behind our common purpose. We learn from each other and share ideas to expand our thinking. We build an open, trusting and collaborative environment and foster diversity of thought, ideas and experiences to spark creativity.


  • Shares information, ideas, opinions with colleagues
  • Involves others as appropriate to accomplish individual and group goals
  • Encourages unity rather than “us vs. them” thinking
  • Welcomes and values the diverse ideas and input of others
  • Is curious and seeks to understand about the Group

People Manager

  • Recognises and is appreciative of others for their contributions and accomplishments
  • Creates an environment where people can express their views openly
  • Facilitates effective collaboration with other parts of the organisation and external partners
  • Seeks alternative views and encourages others to evaluates situations from other people’s perspectives
  • Builds trust whilst partnering with others to achieve win-win outcomes for the Group


  • Exemplifies collaborative leadership by inviting a wide variety of perspectives to the discussions
  • Creates a climate where people communicate openly and fearlessly
  • Champions a culture of collaboration and teamwork across organisational boundaries
  • Proactively supports other business areas with their agendas, sharing insights and ideas and capitalise on synergies
  • Seeks out opportunities to improve Group wide issues and contribute to organisational priorities