As an organisation, our purpose is to enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive.

At the heart of this purpose is our commitment to Inclusion & Diversity: To foster an inclusive working environment where all colleagues are enabled to reach their full potential – and to attract, promote and retain diverse talent at all levels. By enabling our colleagues in this way, business success is created through an increased understanding and representation of the needs of our customers and communities.


Employee Support Networks

Our Employee Support Networks are organised by communities of colleagues who work together to drive our progress in Inclusion & Diversity by:

  • Promoting inclusion, diversity and representation of the interests of specific communities
  • Providing awareness and education to build understanding and leverage the power of difference
  • Creating professional and organisational opportunities through the ongoing success of these communities
  • Propelling the Group’s Values, Inclusion & Diversity strategy



Our Multicultural Network raises awareness and leverages the power of cultural and ethnic diversity among our workforce and communities.



Our Intergenerational Network promotes greater understanding, appreciation, and engagement among colleagues of all generations.


Gender Balance

Our Gender Balance Network empowers both men and women to achieve business opportunities and results through balanced gender representation.


With Pride

Our With Pride LGBT+ Network drives representation and inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ally communities, to build empowerment, the sense of belonging, and connections between communities.


Parents and Carers

Our Parents and Carers Network provides support, guidance, and resources on balancing parenting and caring responsibilities.



Our Accessibility Network enables customers, colleagues and communities to thrive from the perspective of accessibility and disability inclusion.

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“I hire for capability, not gender quotas”


Gabrielle Ryan,

Head, Group Legal Services

“I want my daughters to have the same opportunities I did”

Alan Hartley,

Director, Investor Relations

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Learn more about Inclusion & Diversity at Bank of Ireland

Our team at Bank of Ireland is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where diversity thrives. Check out this short video of our colleagues and leaders describing the story to date in Inclusion and Diversity!