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Supporting our customers, and earning my degree

A career in Banking can take you in any number of directions. Working with Bank of Ireland means you will have the development and support to ensure you take the opportunities that come your way.

Let's hear more about life at Bank of Ireland from some of our colleagues.

Tommy Doherty, a Business Manager in our Business Banking team tells us about his career in Banking, and what makes him proud to say he works with Bank of Ireland.


What does a typical day look like for you and your team?

My day generally starts with reviewing emails and voicemails that have come in overnight, before I sign off on some daily reports.

On Wednesday mornings we have a team meeting which allows us to catch up as a group. We have a team of nine, and these check ins allow us to see how everyone is, what the work load is like and get an update on new business that we are working on. 

Typically I would have at least 2 meetings organised daily, with intermediaries and customers. It is so important to keep in contact with our current customer base to provide a good service. Understanding our customer’s needs is vital to forming a good banking relationship.

I take time regularly to update my knowledge and keep up to speed with industry news. I do this through reading articles on platforms like LinkedIn, emails received from the Belfast Chamber, announcements from the government along with accountants’ summaries on any new supports or budgets that have been published by the Government.

The rest of the day is spent carrying out customer reviews. These are check points with customers on what challenges they are seeing in the market place. It allows us to identify what further support we can provide for them.

Each day flies in, with no two days the same. I have a large portfolio of customers from across all sectors.

As each business is completely different it provides a good variety to my work, and also means I must stay up to date with everything going on in the business world.


"My experience in Bank of Ireland is that our colleagues' 
wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do"

What do you enjoy most about working with Bank of Ireland?

I enjoy working in a front facing role, interacting with customers directly. We have a very good brand in the community as we strive to serve customers brilliantly.

We have a great team. The work ethos is strong, with everyone happy to support and provide help to each other, not just within our own team, but right across the Bank.

I enjoy meeting new people and getting to understand their business, and working with them to help achieve their ambitions as they grow. I have worked with numerous start ups over the past 10 years and watched them flourish into successful SMEs employing a lot of people. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction to know that I and BoI have helped them on their journey.”

Customers are very passionate about their business and I enjoy sharing their journey and providing support financially and as a sounding board to give honest feedback on what is achievable.


How do the ways of working in Bank of Ireland enable you to thrive at work?

My experience in Bank of Ireland is that our colleagues' wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. I was lucky to be involved in a pilot for new ways of working, which allowed our team to set our own work times and locations.

As a team we created a charter which included agreed hours of working which included times when we must all be available to enable us to have team meeting and any training sessions.

For me this is an excellent initiative, I am based in Belfast which includes a 1 hour commute each day to the office.

With the adoption of our new ways of working, it meant I could vary my start and finish times so that I could avoid the morning and evening rush hour and also this allowed me to work from home a couple of days a week, which improved my work / home life balance, giving me more time with my family. 


How do you live our company values in your day to day role?

Our company values are key to how we work. Customer focus is the biggest priority for my role; if we do not have customers then we do not have a Bank.

I receive support from across the group to enable me to provide the service and products on behalf of the bank to my customers, BoI has very much a one group one team approach with everyone pulling together to serve our customers brilliantly.

Agility is key given many customers have moved away from the traditional 9-5 working day. We must be flexible so we can meet customers at a time that suits them.


What other elements of your in time Bank of Ireland have helped improve your experience?

I started my career in Bank of Ireland after leaving School having completed my A-Levels. At the time, I didn’t think that University was for me, but I always had ambitions to further my education.

Bank of Ireland has provided me with learning support, covering the cost of my education through the Institute of Banking and University College Dublin.

I have completed a number of programs through the IoB including University Diploma in Financial Services, Professional Diploma in Financial Services (Professional Banker), and I am currently completing my Bachelor of Financial Services which will see me qualify with a degree from UCD.

Not only has the Bank paid for my exams but they also allocate additional study leave to ensure you have the time to prepare.

I am a member of the Bank of Ireland GAA club and have travelled to London and played on the Bank team twice in the past 4 years which has been a fantastic experience.

The bank also provides an excellent Employee assistance programme which can help not only me as a staff member but my whole family at times when it is needed most.

The Bank of Ireland Wellbeing app is available to all colleagues. It’s a great support with Fitness, Nutrition and general Wellbeing advice.

Many of my colleagues have signed up to the Couch to 5K program which gives us a goal to get out and complete our weekly fitness programs to keep us all active and healthy.


Anything else you would like to add?

I have enjoyed a successful career to date with Bank of Ireland. The support of my managers and colleagues has allowed me to progress from starting out as a customer service officer to my current role as Business manager. 

I have also been able to fulfill my desire to continue my studies at a pace which suited me and matched my family and home life. Through it all, Bank of Ireland has been a very supportive employer.

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