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Beyond the Graduate Programme

A career in Banking can take you in any number of directions. Working with Bank of Ireland means you will have the development and support to ensure you take the opportunities that come your way.

Let's hear more about life at Bank of Ireland from some of our colleagues.

Niamh Gormley, currently working as an Organisational Effectiveness Advisor, gives us her insights into beginning her career with Bank of Ireland, and the supports and flexibility that have helped her day-to-day and to progress. 


Tell us about your career so far

I studied for my undergraduate degree at Queens University Belfast and then got accepted to be part of Bank of Ireland’s Graduate Programme. I spent two years working in Dublin and as part of the programme completed three rotational placements.

This provided me with a broad range of experience across different HR functions, in an extremely dynamic and fast paced environment. After finishing the graduate programme, I was appointed a role in the Organisational Effectiveness team, which involves enabling change and enhancing performance and capability across the bank by providing learning and development opportunities.


What does a typical day look like for you and your team?

We usually begin the day with a virtual check in on video conference. This gives us a chance to get a sense of how we are all doing, and agree key tasks for the day. In terms of work, the daily focus from the team is on developing and delivering purposeful initiatives, learning interventions and skill development programmes in collaboration with key stakeholders across the bank.

At the moment, a lot of our core programmes are being delivered across the Bank to support and equip all colleagues with the tools and expertise to be at their best.



"I have formed friendships with colleagues from across Ireland,
who I would now class as friends for life."


What do you enjoy most about working with Bank of Ireland?

I thoroughly enjoy connecting and building relationships with others throughout the organisation. Throughout my career journey, I have formed friendships with colleagues from across Ireland, who I would now class as friends for life. We work better together!


How do the ways of working in Bank of Ireland enable you to thrive at work?

At Bank of Ireland, there is increased flexibility as to where and how we work, which really supports my work/life balance.

Like many of my colleagues, I am working remotely at the moment, and there have been great supports available to ensure I am set up for success at home. That includes getting the right technology in place as well as practical things like a proper desk and good chair.

It has been great to have access to virtual collaboration tools that keep me connected with my team and colleagues across the bank.


How do our values impact how you work day to day?

Our values really are seen in everything we do; the way we all work. For example:

Customer Focused: As a team we are focused on going above and beyond our customers’ transactional requirements to anticipate their needs and understanding the role we play in the customer experience.

One group, one team: Collaborating closely with my colleagues to learn from them, share ideas and expand my thinking. I enjoy having open and honest conversations in a trusting environment.

Accountable: I live this value by taking ownership and stepping in to solve or help out when there is a problem or challenge that needs solved. At BOI, I feel empowered and trusted to do the right thing to support customers, colleagues and communities.

Agile: I am constantly learning through my career path and I am always seeking new opportunities to deliver the best solutions. The way in which we work and operate is evolving, and I embrace this change with an open mind and curiosity.  


What other elements of your in time Bank of Ireland have helped improve your experience?

Learning: It has been fantastic to have access to a wide range of learning resources through the Learning Exchange Platform, and this supports with my continuous development. The platform offers personalised topics and recommended content based on my interests and learner preferences.

Inclusion & Diversity: We have a number of Inclusion & Diversity networks that colleagues can get involved in. I am part of the Multicultural Network which focuses on raising awareness and leveraging the power of cultural and ethnic diversity among our workforce and communities.

Wellbeing: As someone who is really passionate about health and fitness, getting the chance to be involved of our Group-wide “Wellbeing Programme” has been incredible. At the moment, I am currently taking part in our Couch to 5K wellness programme which encourages physical movement and virtual team building. Through the Wellbeing App, there is so much content available for colleagues from articles, 

Graduate Development: On the graduate programme, we were provided with many opportunities to socialise/connect with one another, build on our skills and learn. One of my most memorable experiences was when the whole graduate intake spent the day Kippure Adventure Centre participating in a number of outdoor team challenges.


Is there anything about working in Bank of Ireland that you think might surprise people who are considering applying?

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology. I always presumed that to apply for a Bank you would need to have business experience, however, I have found that there is such a diverse range of people working in Bank of Ireland. Everyone has their own unique story and come from very different backgrounds. 


What makes you proud to say you work with Bank of Ireland?

Bank of Ireland has a strong, positive and engaged culture. Everyone’s value is recognised and celebrated, and every colleague is given the same opportunity to fulfil their potential.

The bank supports me in both my life and work through various initiatives, enhanced ways of working and networking. I’m proud to be part of that culture.

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