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Welcome to Bank of Ireland

New colleague information hub

Welcome to the Bank of Ireland information hub for new joiners. We’ve put together some useful information so you know what to expect when you join us. If you see something here that you want more information on, just let us know.

Our Purpose

Bank of Ireland's purpose is to enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive. To be successful, we need to work together with a clear goal and a common purpose.



are at the heart of our business and always come first



keep our organisation working, innovating and adapting to meet our customers’ needs



are where we live and work and also include other groups both local and global such as our shareholders, regulators, government and partners.

Our Values

Our purpose is supported by four key values. These guide us in everything we say and do. They are our moral guidelines; our compass for our ways of working and the behaviours we demonstrate every day. Living our values enables us to provide the very best possible service, holds us accountable, and demands that we deliver on our ability to constantly seek new solutions for the benefit of everyone; customers, colleagues and our communities.

We understand our customers, we listen to them to ensure they feel valued. We use our insights to consider how best to serve their needs and take appropriate actions to deliver solutions to meet their requirements.

We work smarter when we come together behind our common purpose. We learn from each other and share ideas to expand our thinking. We build an open, trusting and collaborative environment and foster diversity of thought, ideas and experiences to spark creativity and innovation.

We embrace change with an open mind and a can-do attitude. We respond quickly and productively seek different perspectives. We challenge ourselves to look for new and simplified ways to efficiently deliver the best solutions for our customers

We are empowered to take ownership and trusted to do the right thing to support our customers, colleagues and communities. We lead by example and challenge ourselves and each other to do our best work at all times. We learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes together.

Benefits and Employee Schemes



The Group's award winning pension scheme, RetireWell, is available to all ROI and UK employees both permanent and contract.


Your commute

Save money on your trip to work with great cost saving schemes such as Cycle to Work, Tax Saver Commuter tickets for those in ROI, and Season Ticket Loan for UK colleagues.


Professional training & development

We are invested in the development of our colleagues. Supports include our Group Education Scheme, Learning Exchange and Linkedin Learning.


Agile Ways of Working

This is our commitment to every colleague, co-creating a new way of working that successfully maximises choice and flexibility in how we all work and live, enabling each of us to thrive.


Group Discount Scheme

Join our Group Discount Scheme to save money and earn cashback on hundreds of well-known brands and companies. Discounts are available online and in-store for you and your family.


Holiday and insurance fund

Our Holiday & Insurance Fund opens in January each year and enables you save from your salary for your holiday and annual insurance costs.

And there's more...

We invest time in a huge variety of activities focused on the personal wellbeing of our colleagues. Read more about some of the initiatives that you will be able to get involved in and see the many ways in which teams and individuals make a difference for our customers, colleagues and communities.

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Employee Support Networks

Our Employee Support Networks are organised by communities of colleagues who work together to drive our progress in Inclusion & Diversity by promoting inclusion, diversity and representation of the interests of specific communities. The Networks provide awareness and education to build understanding and leverage the power of difference.

Read more about Bank of Ireland's commitment to Inclusion and Diversity, and how the Employee Support Networks work to enable our colleagues reach their full potential.

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Financial Wellbeing

What is financial Wellbeing? People who can confidently manage their money and plan their spend are financially well. We offer appointments with our Bank at Work advisors on site across main BOI buildings, Financial Wellbeing talks delivered by our Financial Wellbeing coaches, and an online financial healthcheck, designed to assess how well prepared you are to meet your financial needs by providing a moment-in-time snapshot of your Financial Wellbeing.

Read more about the products and services offered to Bank of Ireland staff, and take a financial healthcheck now.

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Employee Assistance Programme

You and your family will have access to free and confidential support through our Employee Assistance Programme provided by Laya. This service is accessible at any time, no matter where you are. Your EAP offers solution focused counselling and referral services, as well as legal assistance, financial assistance, consumer advice, career guidance, life coaching, mediation, health advice and advice on practical day to day issues and services. Support is also provided for Non-Nationals colleagues to help make the transition to a new country as smooth as possible.

Read more about your Employee Assistance Programme and the services provided.

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The Bank of Ireland Staff Charitable Fund

Previously known as the Staff Third World Fund, this fund has been supporting the alleviation of extreme poverty in the developing world since 1982. The Staff Charitable Fund has three aims: to help relieve poverty; support advances in education; and help improve living conditions in the developing world.

100% of monies donated to the Fund go directly to charitable causes in the developing world, through select partnerships with local and global charities who apply to the Fund for monetary support.

If you would like to support the Fund or to find out more information, please contact

Things you can do to prepare for day one…

  • Check the dress code for your team with your recruiter
  • Think of questions you want answered when you meet your team - we find that new joiners benefit from having a person available to bounce questions off so we will assign a buddy when you arrive
  • Familiarise yourself with Bank of Ireland in our company overview
  • Ask your new manager if there is any pre-reading that you can do in advance of starting
  • And finally, make sure you know when and where to go on your first day, and who to ask for on arrival. Familiarise yourself with the location information through the location finder below.


Join one of our Communities of Practice

Join one of our Communities of Practice (CoP) where our colleagues share knowledge and best practices from across the Bank of Ireland. CoPs are are informal, self-organising, with membership throughout the organisation. 
They are open to all colleagues who share a passion for a topic that relates to their work, profession or general interest and want to learn how to do it better as they interact with each other through organised events and forums.

CoPs are a great example of how we can live our value to work together as One Group, one team.


Why should I join a Community of Practice?

  • Join a group aligned to your personal specialisms, qualifications, experience and / or areas of interest.
  • Build your network to share expertise and insights into topics of common interest.
  • Identify opportunities for collaborative, Group-wide strategic and technical projects.
  • Share best practices and build common personal capability.
Data and Analytics Community of Practice events

A community for you...

Browse the current Communities of Practice below to find out more


The Coaching Lunch & Learn sessions have proved very informative, giving attendees a deeper understanding of what Coaching is (and isn't) and providing time to practice using new Coaching Tools.

Data and Analytics

The Data and Analytics CoP hosts monthly lunch and learn events with internal speakers, and evening events with invited external speakers. The community aims to share success, encourage collaboration, improve data literacy and build on the ideas of others. Getting involved has translated into career progression for individuals, and new value realisation ideas for the analytics teams.

Project Management

The Project Management CoP has run a series of successful events (both lunch and learn and evening events) aimed at promoting the project management discipline and methodology. These events, aimed at both aspiring and seasoned project managers, have had a variety of speakers: the Irish women's Hockey Manager, an Olympian, a construction project manager and an expert in financial regulation. Each event has offered best practice guidance for continuous improvement in the project management field of expertise. Join us to develop and embed your skills in this growing area of specialisation.


Join the Toastmasters Community of Practice to improve your public speaking in a fun and supportive group. You'll also be able to develop broader leadership skills and acquire external certification.

Financial Markets

Do you follow the stock market? Own any shares? Or track interest rates or currency markets? Maybe you'd just like to understand financial markets a little better? If so, you may be interested in meeting some like-minded people. The Financial Markets CoP is lead by The Markets Group within the Markets & Treasury Division.

Robotics / AI

Are you interested in Robotic Process Automation? Maybe you'd just like to understand RPA versus AI a little better? Perhaps you don't know the first thing about Robotics or AI but would like to find out. If so, you may be interested in meeting some like-minded people through the Robotics / AI CoP.


Are you interested in climate change/concerned about the impact we are having on our environment? Would you like to share ideas and learn more about you can become more sustainable at home and at work? If so, you may be interested in meeting some like-minded people through the Sustainability CoP.

Not for Profit

There are many ways of volunteering to support charities or other not for profit (NFP) organisations like schools or sports clubs to help our communities to thrive. One way to support NFPs is to serve on their boards or committees as directors/trustees. The NFP COP is aimed at colleagues who may already be supporting NFPs and equally those who are interested in finding out more about this type of volunteering.